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Goals and Courses Design

For coordinating with school policies to develop the green-orientation high quality industry scientific and technical university, raising green research management manpower and industry development, the aim of this department is to raise the professionals with the knowledge of information management and industry electronic techniques.


The course design emphasizes on two-domain fields which are enterprise electronic applications and enterprise electronic techniques. The enterprise electronic applications include enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), the platform of system analysis and design, and business intelligent system through cases study to help students obtain practical experiences.


The enterprise electronic techniques focused on training students with capabilities of planning, design and implementation in industry electronic. Under the multiple educational goals, students are simultaneously possessing with theoretical knowledge and practical experiences to understand the direction of industry development.


Our regular 4-year academic program concentrates on providing students with skills of information technology for information system planning/development/ implementation, in-depth business administration knowledge for integration of theoretical concept and practice, and independent problem-solving ability to contribute to the society.


The first and second year of the undergraduate program focuses on providing students with basic skills of information technology and management knowledge. The last two years courses focus on a variety of selected courses of assorted topics to cultivate students to be able to use information technology to help businesses operate effectively and efficiently.


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